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news and recipes from the Barlows team

Greek Yoghurt Chutney Dip

Ingredients - 300g of Low Fat Greek Yogurt - 5 tbsp of Chadwell Chutney MethodPlace Yoghurt into a bowl and add the Chutney. Mix well until thoroughly combined Perfect with samosas and onion bhajis. Serve and Enjoy :) Read More

Classic Seagrave Cheese on Toast

Serves 3 Ingredients  - 3 Thick Slices of Good Quality Bread - 3 Heaped tsp of Seagrave Chutney - 200g of Extra Mature Cheddar (Grated) - Black Pepper  - Fresh Parsley   Method Grill bread on both sides until golden and crispy.  Place 1 heaped tsp of chutney on each slice of toast and spread to cover and much as possible.  Divide the cheese into 3 and cover each slice of toast.  Return to the grill and cook until golden.  To serve, season with... Read More

Gaddesby Marmalade Kababs

Serves 3  Ingredients  - 410g of Diced Chicken  - 1 Large Pepper - 200g of Gaddesby Marmalade - Skewers    Method   Heat the marmalade in a pan with a splash of water, until runny and loose. Poor over the chicken and leave to marinade. (for as long as you want). Dice pepper into big chunks.  On the skewers, place one piece of chicken, then pepper, then chicken and repeat until you have nothing left.  With the left over marmalade, drizzle over the... Read More

Sticky Thrussington Harrisa Chicken

Serves 3 Ingredients  - 240g of Thrussington Marmalade - 3 tsp of Harrisa Paste - 500g of Boneless Chicken Thighs   Method Heat the marmalade with a splash of water until runny then add the Harrisa paste. Place the chicken in an oven proof baking dish. Pour over the marmalade mixture and place in the over at 180c until cooked.  Serve and Enjoy :) Read More

Quick Owthorpe Citrus Salsa

Ingredients  - 200g of Homemade or Shop Bought Salsa  - 3 tsp of Owd Owthorpe Marmalade    Method  Place salsa into a bowl and mix in thoroughly the Owthorpe Marmalade   It’s really as easy as that! Read More

Quick Langar Luscious Hummus

Ingredients  - 315g of Homemade or Shop Bought Hummus - 3 tbsp of Langar Luscious Hummus Marmalade    Method  Place hummus into a bowl and mix in the Lemon Marmalade in thoroughly.    Easy Peasy :) Read More

Great with Ice Cream!

From top to bottom these are totally dynamite! create your own favourite ice cream mix with any of our jams or marmalades. Simply soften a portion of vanilla ice cream, add your chosen mix, then refreeze prior to eating! Read More


When eating yogurt or vegan equivalent, why not try our jams and give your taste buds a lovely lift! Read More

Traditional Rice Pudding

A traditionally made rice pudding with a dollop of Saxelbye plum and cinnamon jam, a great added twist yum! Read More

Owd Owthorpe Roast Ham

Created by Liam Bowler

•Soak the ham in water for 30mins replace water•Repeat 4 times. On the last time leave to soak for at least two hours(preferably more) •Boil the ham joint for two hours. •Add sliced apples and orange juice to the water before boiling. •Remove from the pan and dry of with a piece of kitchen towel. •Cover the whole joint in marmalade and place into a pre heated oven at 180c for one hour. •Halfway through re coat with more marmalade to... Read More

A happy time, with Harby Happy Harvest

Created by Lucy Holland

Check out this lovely chocolate cake from a long time fan of ours (Ms Holland) from Nottingham. The cake uses a generous amount of our new Harby Happy Harvest jam. We're hoping to get some sent to the kitchen for us to try. Looks very tasty! Read More

Freshly baked jam tarts!

Created by Donya Donger

One of our customers recently remarked how well the Saxelby plum and cinnamon spice jam! works in homemade jam tarts! try your own today. Read More

Thrussington toasted cheese

Created by Rachel Cullis Dorsett

Our Thrussington Tomato Treat works fantastically in a toasted cheese sandwich, as found out by one of our customers. Read More

Beautifully rich Victoria sponge

Created by Rachel Cullis Dorsett

Our Belvoir Bountiful Jam adds a new dimension in taste to this Victoria sponge cake, instead of being stuck-in-a-rut with strawberry! Read More

Mick Smiths Owd Dad sausages reach a new height in taste.

Created by Andy Slater

M & M Smiths the Butchers Mapperley Nottingham, who are stockists provided their Owd Dad sausage, this coupled with our Seagrave chutney provides a sharp flavor twist, instead of reaching for the sauce bottle. Read More

Marmalade with White Stilton

Created by Andy Slater

Why not try Owd Owthorpe with White Stilton,water biscuits and cucumber for a refreshing snack or after diner treat.  Read More