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In recent years pressures in the UK agricultural sector have soared and diversification has become a lifeblood to many farmers, including us! So, we got to work converting one of our outbuildings into a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and creating a range of jams, marmalades and chutneys for the discerning customer.

At the same time, we remain committed to our core values - in all that we do we aim to support the rural economy, using local labour and produce whenever we can. And with nearby Melton Mowbray recognised as the UK Capital of Rural Food, we are determined to make our mark with preserves that will enhance its reputation.

To add to the flavour, we have named our preserves after nearby villages and hamlets and in our product descriptions you can find out more about the history of our beautiful vale and its surrounds, hopefully enticing you to come and visit.